We are the agency for holistic and integrated brand consulting. Using strategy, intuition and creativity, we harness the power of ideas to mobilise people and organisations to realise their full potential.


We work positively and collaboratively with those around us, empowering everyone we partner with to improve their futures and achieve their goals, no matter how big or small.


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We’re here to empower the world to move forward together as one.

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The future belongs to those who take risks and do things differently.

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Our duty to our clients, our people and the world as a whole is unwavering.

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We’re here to empower the world to move forward together

Our vision is to build a community of industry experts that rises to the challenge and works towards something bigger. We believe in pushing the boundaries beyond the expected. Together, we have an energetic collective power to connect the world, feed the world, nurture the world, to change the world. When we share that vision and move forward united, we can build great things. Things that endure. Knowing who we are and what we do is important, but appreciating why we do it matters even more. We bridge the gap between idea, product and buyer; concept, service and purchaser to take dreams from mere ideas towards tangible fruition. We believe your voice deserves to be heard and we help you craft the message that will make a difference.


We stand for what we believe in and this never changes

The future belongs to the brave – the ambitious ones who take risks and find new ways to do things differently. Creativity is about having the courage to dream big and achieve the impossible. There is no time for cynicism. When you act with uncompromising honesty, you’re not afraid to ask the tough questions that encourage the most meaningful answers. We believe in doing what’s right for our customers, our people and our community. Simplicity is a beautiful thing and our relentless passion to get to the core of what’s important is about diving deeper and unearthing new truths. We know that being challenged means pushing yourself one step further – and because we’re committed to delivering excellence in everything we do, our energy and expertise flows into the brands we work with, for outcomes that are successful, ethical and meaningful.


Our duty to our clients, our people and the world as a whole

The marketplace is changing rapidly and to compete, organisations must step up, be adventurous and explore new ways of doing things. Brands can no longer play it safe. We believe in being bold and brave, with a focus on impact that hits its target. We empower our clients by being direct and brutally honest. It’s an environment that leaves nothing on the table, built on an ethos that nothing great was ever achieved without hard work. Together, alongside our clients, we look forward and never behind us. We do what needs to be done, not necessarily what our clients want to hear. We make the tough decisions when they need to be made. It’s a responsibility we take seriously and one that extends to the way we care for the environment, sustainability and our unwavering belief in giving back


You'll work directly with our leadership team to ensure a comprehensive approach to your brand. Our team are seriously passionate and committed to striking a balance between strategy and creative, understanding that the two must work successfuly hand-in-hand, not against one another.


Our Creative and Founding Director, overseeing art direction and creative strategy. Samuel is a unique thinker who continues to innovate for our clients through ideation and strategy that pushes the boundaries of branding and communication.

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Our Accounts and Founding Director, with a passion for nurturing meaningful relationships. Darcy heads a strong team and brings his unique management and communication skills to ensure every client is informed and engaged at all points.

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Our Digital Director overseeing digital strategy, design and delivery. Matt brings to our team an enviable proficiency in all things digital – as well as an incredible talent for creating content management systems that build better brands.

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Visionary – Bravery – Imagination
The future exists for the brave, so be ambitious and find new ways of doing things. Have the courage to dream big and achieve the impossible. No cynicism.

Intelligence – Precision – Innovation
Look deeper. Hold a relentless passion for simplicity and get to the core of what’s important to people and their lives. Simplicity is a practice, not a destination.

Attentive – Brutal – Responsible
Act with uncompromising honesty and never be afraid to ask the tough questions. Do what’s right for our customers, our people and our community. Be brutal.

Determination – Tenacity – Excellence
Results never came from the easiest path, so always challenge and push one step further. Commit to delivering excellence in everything we do. No defeat.

Collaborative – Trusting – Respectful
Strive to pursue mutually beneficial relationships where collaboration is truly valued. Earn our customers’ trust by placing them at the core of our organisation. Be real.



Each step of the way, we have been kept consistently informed. They have the capability to provide support through all project stages - from early research and strategy, right through to development and production

Steven Toia - Director, Genton

Their expertise in project marketing has ensured a smooth process from concept to on-market and beyond. I recommend for anyone wanting unique and tailored marketing campaigns that stand out in a very busy marketplace

Kate Warton - Marketing Manager, Eton Property

They fully understood our brand direction and positioning, and proposed some fantastic ideas which helped us visualise how we can improve a range of other internal and external processes as well.

Cameron Jones - Senior Project Manager, Pomeroy Pacific

We engaged Dugan & O’Sullivan to help us undertake a simple rebrand. I now consider the guidance their team provide as an essential component of our ongoing growth strategy.

Sophorn En - Managing Director, Riveren

They listen intently and understand the importance of a detailed brief.  They produce interesting quality material which truly connects with the customer.  In short, they get it.

Peter Cahill - Managing Director, Domain Hill Property Group

Dugan & O’Sullivan understand the property industry innately and ran us through the marketing process with a lot of time and care. It was a great experience for all of us.

Danny Han - Managing Director, VICPROP


We intend to create a world where we work positively and collaboratively with those around us, empowering everyone we encounter to improve their futures and achieve their goals, no matter what their size or complexity.

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