As we approach the halfway mark of the year or the end of the financial year, depending on how you look at it, we took some time to reflect on the last 6 months and have a look at what’s in store for the next 6.

First things first. The Dugan & O’Sullivan office is now in full effect. “Being able to have our own space has been fantastic,” says Sam Dugan, “it’s really nice to be able to collaborate again. I think that’s the most rewarding thing about being back.”

“There’s nothing better than being able to workshop in person,” says Darcy O’Sullivan of the return. “It’s so refreshing to be getting facetime with not only our clients, but our team as well.”

This year has seen the completion of several major projects. Some with challenges and obstacles, but always with great results. “A little push from the clients is always a great thing,” says Sam, “the outcomes are great and can be really rewarding.”

The results for high end luxury property development La Storia were outstanding, incorporating all facets of design from publishing, illustration, copy and photography to web development and sales, lending the project an international air reminiscent of Italian mid-century greats such as Scarpa, Mollino and Morandi. 

The completion of Natbuild, a nationwide wholesale hardware supply group demonstrated our belief in the effectiveness of thorough brand consultation and the creation of a complete design ecosystem. We also continued to work with construction company McCormack and bolstered their digital presence through successful media engagement.

The next 6 months will see some very exciting new projects for both the team and our clients. “Obviously there’s a bit of negative media regarding the economy and interest rates at the moment,” says Darcy, but as Sam adds, “we have some really promising work with property, which is really good to see at this point of the year.”

Leading up to the end of the year will see Dugan & O’Sullivan start work with an ASX listed company. “They’re an amazing business doing genuine environmental work and we’ll be producing a brand development for them. That’s exciting,” says Sam on the yet to be announced project, “we’re looking at a very busy tail end of the year.”

The next 6 months will see continued growth, “from our client base, but also work that fulfils us and will see our team’s continued growth,” says Darcy.

“We’ve been working hard and we’re seeing the changes now,” Sam says of the last few years, “but doors are opening and we’re seeing growth where we want.”

“We have plenty on.”

Published 21 Jun, 2022. Written by Candice Kuchel, Digital Marketing Manager, © 2022 Dugan & O’Sullivan. All rights reserved.

Building effective communication and timeless design

Dugan & O’Sullivan began working with Natbuild in 2021.

As an already established business, Natbuild’s unique approach to their industry had already proven successful. The challenge for Dugan & O’Sullivan was to take Natbuild’s design and communication from adequate to industry leader, creating a design language to build on and be proud of.

Beginning with the new tagline, ‘Together Independent’, Natbuild now sets the tone from the get-go. As Australia’s premier independent building supplies buying group, it was important to be clear every step of the way – this is a business that is here to help independent trade hardware and building material supply businesses compete with the big box retailers, there is no need to mess around with anything other than the facts.

Dugan & O’Sullivan designed a website with clarity and focus on Natbuild’s offerings, not bogging it down in minutiae or fussy details. Crucial in setting the tone, Natbuild’s new branding, logo, colour palette and layout was completely reinvented to sit firmly alongside the competition, the intentions and purpose of the business proudly on display.

As a total communication and design overhaul, Natbuild is a demonstration of the effectiveness of brand consultation and professional design. We were able to take the essence of a great Australian company and give them the look, attention and perception they deserve 

Just as building and construction is about the delivery of good work, Natbuild’s website and communications is about delivering an understandable, long-lasting, and useful design language that is thorough, honest and aesthetic. With simple and effective consultation, Dugan & O’Sullivan was able to transform Natbuild’s digital presence from alsoran to competitor, exhibiting all the traits of confident, professional design without taking the business out of its comfort zone and retaining a sense of familiarity akin to their personable approach to business.

The final piece of the puzzle will launch soon as Dugan & O’Sullivan completes the circle of effective communication. Managing Natbuild’s message through social platforms LinkedIn and Instagram, will further validate the effectiveness of total communication and correct engagement.

Published 21 Jun, 2022. Written by Candice Kuchel, Digital Marketing Manager, © Dugan & O’Sullivan. All rights reserved.

The Branding Agency

Samuel Dugan and Darcy O’Sullivan began their eponymous branding agency with clear objectives; to create direct messaging to engage audiences, foster, establish, and maintain relationships and drive revenue for all brands they work with. This objective is as true now as it was then.

These first ‘rules’ became the foundations on which Dugan & O’Sullivan was built. Strategies were developed to build empowered brands, a core tenet of the Dugan & O’Sullivan process.

Dugan & O’Sullivan uses strategy, intuition, and creativity to harness the power of ideas to mobilise people and organisations to realise their full potential, something the agency calls brand-led business consulting. By putting the brand at the centre of all company-wide decisions, the messaging remains clear and coherent by establishing a brand and communication language that is quickly understood and plants seeds for the future. 

A compelling story and a way to reach an audience are necessary for any successful brand. However, by focusing on the three essential elements of branding, these services and solutions will work together to give your brand the best possible chance of success.


Perhaps the best place to start is great governance. Dugan & O’Sullivan provide your leadership team with the best support possible to make smarter strategic decisions. A thorough examination of the competition, through forecasting, trends, and market research, we put the instruments and information upfront to manage decisions more effectively to increase long-term revenue.


For Dugan & O’Sullivan, the idea of mobilisation is to make sure your team, your employees, and everyone involved understands what sets your story and brand apart from the competition. This way you can nurture and maintain relationships with your customers through the delivery of memorable experiences.


How you reach and touch your customers is crucial to their experience and commitment to what matters most to them. This is inextricably tied to your brand’s success. It is through experience that we can maximise market penetration, explore untapped corners of the market, and improve market share.

Successful marketing requires full company integration; at Dugan & O’Sullivan all aspects of your brand are considered equally, including the complete alignment of message and brand on all fronts.

With great design and strategy, our agency understands the long-term needs of your brand, and through proper engagement, we can see the fulfilment of your business’s goals and objectives.

Published 12 May, 2022. Written by Candice Kuchel, Digital Marketing Manager, © 2022 Dugan & O’Sullivan. All rights reserved.

McCormack Website Design

Dugan & O’Sullivan recently completed a comprehensive rebrand including a new website for McCormack, a family company born in a garage over 50 years ago and now a Melbourne fit out and construction powerhouse.

Priding themselves in detail and a high-level of consideration, McCormack needed a website to reflect their philosophies and beliefs; the notions of trust and family are as important today as they were when Jack McCormack first began in 1969. To capture these essential elements and the world in which McCormack finds itself, a rebrand and website were designed to correspond to the four core elements of the business: Reliability, Trust, Teamwork and Progress. 

Obviously, as a fit out and construction business, projects are the focus. Still, the way in which McCormack conducts that business was essential in portraying the company as the family-focused, reliable group it purports to be. 

The rebrand and website was centred around the brand claim and concept of ‘Family Built’. The website became a home to highlight the people and clients that make their work possible, the importance of life-long relationships and the inclusive work environment they have fostered that drives the business today.

The website also required a robust content management system (CMS) that allowed it to be updated frequently to display case studies and ongoing projects in order to communicate with clients, partners, and potential customers. For McCormack, the ability to tell a story has been integral for 50 years. Their link to their history has always been a way to participate and involve. With the new website and rebrand, their identity now matches their work and motivations. Dugan & O’Sullivan has ensured that every touchpoint’s level of detail and consideration reflects the level of detail and consideration in the entire business.

As the family enters the third generation, their new website brings the fundamental values and philosophy to the forefront, letting their voice and identity speak clearly through confident communication, design and proud storytelling.  

Here’s to 50 more years.

Published 12 May, 2022. Written by Candice Kuchel, Digital Marketing Manager, © Dugan & O’Sullivan. All rights reserved.

Dugan & O’Sullivan and McCormack partner together

Dugan & O’Sullivan are thrilled to be working with one of Victoria’s leading full-service building companies. McCormack specialises in the design, construction, fit-out and refurbishment of corporate offices and commercial environments as well as offering project management, maintenance, facility services, heritage projects and painting services.  

When asked about their work with McCormack, Darcy O’Sullivan, Managing Partner at Dugan & O’Sullivan, reflects “from the moment we met the leadership team, the potential for a thriving partnership between ourselves and McCormack was obvious.”

McCormack is a long-standing, very successful and well-respected company with a considerable presence across Victoria and in turn Melbourne. Dugan & O’Sullivan are excited to grasp the opportunity to position McCormack in the market with even more clarity and relevance than they have achieved so far. Darcy feels “the McCormack team are doing so many things right. They’re already doing the hard yards. We simply identified a greater opportunity for their brand. Allowing us to do some of the heavy lifting for them will free them up to continue to work in and grow their business.”

Watch this space for their upcoming rebrand, a brand set to fly in 2022 and beyond.

Published 27 Sep, 2021. Written by Candice Kuchel, Digital Marketing Manager, © 2021 Dugan & O’Sullivan. All rights reserved.

The Chamberlain Foundation

When Ranj Samrai engaged Dugan & O’Sullivan to work on growing awareness of the Chamberlain Foundation, we were thrilled at the opportunity to raise the profile of this already established and respected not-for-profit.  

The brainchild of brothers Brian, Peter and Ray Chamberlain, the foundation is focused on raising awareness about the importance of mental wellness; particularly critical to first response and emergency services workers. 

A worthy brand, with a loyal following, aligning closely with Dugan & O’Sullivan’s values of working towards ‘something bigger,’ the challenge to promote the Chamberlain Foundation’s 2021 Luncheon was an ideal project for our team to embrace. With the core objective to grow the uptake and acceptance of the luncheon’s invites from previous years – Dugan O’Sullivan set out to ‘push the boundaries beyond the expected.’

Dugan O’Sullivan expanded the brief of creating an engaging campaign for this annual event, taking a long-term view of the foundation’s prevention, support and advocacy work.  We set out to create greater levels of sustainable engagement that would inspire and spur on a great number of people to support and promote the foundation amongst their personal social networks. 

Samrai advocates that Dugan & O’Sullivan excelled by ‘picking out some of our best stories and showcasing them in a way that resonated with the social media audience the posts targeted.’ As a result of this collaboration numbers for the event, which have grown steadily each year since its debut, shot up dramatically. The far-reaching impact of this work is yet to be measured and as the Chamberlain Foundation evolves and expands its reach, time will be the teller. 

Published 25 Jun, 2021. Written by Candice Kuchel, Digital Marketing Manager, © 2021 Dugan & O’Sullivan. All rights reserved.


Tahn Miller at the Chamberlain Foundation Lunch.

We’re excited to welcome Business Development Manager, Tahn Miller, to Dugan & O’Sullivan. In her role, Tahn will work to define strategic business goals, liaise with key partners and stakeholders, and identify new business opportunities across several intersecting disciplines.

“I’ve been recommending Dugan & O’Sullivan for many years – the simple fact is that they are so good at what they do. When I was invited to formalise our relationship it was a no brainer for me. They’re thinkers first, creatives second and putting them in front of potential new clients is an obvious decision because I know the Dugan & O’Sullivan team will have a positive impact on whoever is wise enough to say yes to them.” says Tahn.

With her long-standing relationships and exceptional track record, Tahn is a critical addition to the growing agency. By bringing on specialist talent like Tahn, the team continues to expand its core capabilities for its ever-growing roster of clientele.

“I’ve known Tahn for quite a few years now and I am excited to officially welcome her to the team at Dugan & O’Sullivan. Her unique skill set and vibrant personality will be a major contributor to our continued growth,” says Darcy O’Sullivan, Managing Partner.

Published 13 Apr, 2021. Written by Candice Kuchel, Digital Marketing Manager, © 2021 Dugan & O’Sullivan. All rights reserved.

D&O moving into the next decade

At the beginning of 2020 we updated our name from Dugan O’Sullivan to D&O, a small change but one that signifies big moves. Our agency has come a long way since we first started as two young guys in their mid-twenties with big ideas and a whole lot of heart and we know there are still many amazing things to come. Since our inception, our growth and evolution as a brand has been consistent and along the way we’ve learned some powerful lessons. It’s been a challenging yet rewarding journey, one we wouldn’t change for the world.

We’ve produced more project marketing campaigns than we can count and have worked closely with our clients to develop and manage their brands and communications long-term. We’ve formed a rock-solid understanding of what is missing from the market and what our clients, and prospective clients alike, truly need, not necessarily want. Brands don’t just manage themselves. They need constant, unbiased attention at all times. Every brand should expect nothing less than truly holistic and integrated brand consultation and at D&O we deliver this each and every day.

We are D&O.

Published 22 Feb, 2020. Written by Samuel Dugan, Director © 2020 Dugan & O’Sullivan. All rights reserved.