Proudly Supporting the Chamberlain Foundation

Brad McEwan speaks at the 2019 Annual Chamberlain Foundation Lunch

An incredible not-for-profit
The Chamberlain Foundation is an incredible not-for-profit organisation that was established by Ray, Brian and Peter Chamberlain in 2015. The foundation’s work aims to raise awareness for mental wellness, with a specific focus on first-response and emergency service workers. Whether it’s responding to road accidents, domestic violence, or natural emergencies such as the horrific bushfires in January 2020 or the current COVID-19 Pandemic, service men and women are at the centre of these traumatic events.

The Chamberlain Foundation will be hosting their annual Chamberlain Foundation Lunch on Friday, 12th of March to thank and celebrate the foundation’s incredible supporters and beneficiaries – who support programs that advocate for the improved mental health of first response and emergency service workers. It’s a great opportunity to come together as one and raise awareness, all whilst celebrating an organisation that is doing phenomenal work.

Dugan & O’Sullivan are proud to partner with the Chamberlain Foundation to help maximise the impact of the foundation’s prevention, support and advocacy work. We would like to extend our invitation to attend the Chamberlain Foundation Lunch to our clients, colleagues, friends and family. Click the link below to purchase your tickets and show your support to The Chamberlain Foundation.

Purchase your tickets.

Published 27 Feb, 2021. Written by Candice Kuchel, Digital Marketing Manager, © 2021 Dugan & O’Sullivan. All rights reserved.

Our Partnership With Dark Horse Capital

Michael Pesochinsky and Alex Bragilevsky of Dark Horse Capital

We are proud to partner with Dark Horse Capital to deliver an exceptional digital strategy that focuses on brand enhancement to explore new levels of engagement in the digital realm.

About Dark Horse Capital
The team behind Dark Horse Capital are highly capable executives with a wealth of expert experience and knowledge in wealth management, financial strategy, property finance and luxury property development. Their mission is to seek out exceptional investment opportunities for investors to create value and achieve impressive outcomes for their clients. With a focus on ultra-luxury branded developments, the team works with dedicated development managers and leading architects, contractors and landscape designers to provide exceptional investment opportunities with the security of a fixed, defensive investment strategy.

Servicing their strategic brand objectives
We aim to take a pragmatic and sustainable approach with the team at Dark Horse Capital to establish multiple paths for the company to connect with its target market. Our team will deliver the following list of services to ensure a successful campaign is implemented across a multitude of digital platforms:

– Strategic Forecasting
– Communication Strategies
– Marketing and Advertising
– Digital Sales Tools
– Campaign and Promotion
– Strategic Brand Management

Lastly, we would like to welcome Michael Pesochinsky, Alex Bragilevsky and Clinton Richards to Dugan & O’Sullivan. We look forward to a long and successful partnership.

Published 16 Feb, 2021. Written by Candice Kuchel, Digital Marketing Manager, © 2021 Dugan & O’Sullivan. All rights reserved.